Our students receive a training record card that contains their syllabus which they bring along to training each week. These cards show the minimum requirements for each level of grading in the Traditional Association of Shotokan Karate.

T.A.S.K. belts start at Blue Belt (10th Kyu) progressing to Brown with 2 red stripes (1st Kyu) before then moving on to Shodan Intermediate and then Black Belt.

We’ve put this page here as an aid for our students so that once techniques have been taught in class, these can then be practised outside the dojo. 

Our YouTube channel is there to assist students in the development of these techniques. 

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The syllabus used is from “Shotokan Karate – The Definitive Guide” by Shihan John Van Weenen which is currently available on request from your Sensei or via Amazon. 

Other books can be purchased in PDF from the T.A.S.K. website