As the Government eases lock-down and we start to see our lives return to some semblance of normality, we are working on ensuring our club is safe for our students to return to training with us.

Over the last few weeks, we have been discussing the measures we will need to have in place to ensure relevant guidelines are followed such as suitable spacing between our students.

We have put together a risk assessment and put a Covid-19 policy in place (please let us know if you require a copy of this) and we have taken the decision that as of Thursday 30th July we will return to training at the village hall, and this will be at our normal time of 7pm and will run for 1 hour.

As per our normal summer routine we will aim to make use of the green outside the hall so will remain subject to the elements playing in our favour. This will of course mean that we will not have access to the toilets or water facilities.

While we will aim to be outside, if we have bad weather we do have the option to use the hall and will of course take all necessary precautions, including cleaning the floor before and after training.

Please ensure water is brought along if needed in a named bottle. Bottles left behind after training will be thrown away.

Until contact sports are allowed again, and until we feel comfortable re-starting it, Kumite (sparring) with partners will not take place at close quarters. The exception here is if students are from the same household.

We request that parents / guardians / carers engage with the NHS track and trace.

As we will look to be outside, shoes are recommended but please ensure they either Velcro or fasten with laces – no sandals or flip flops.

The decision to wear a face mask will be left to each person – if it makes you feel more comfortable in returning then please feel free to wear one.

We will have hand gel available if required, however as no surfaces will be touched and we will be keeping at least 1 meter (and for the most part 2 meters) from students with no physical contact, this shouldn’t be an issue. Please ensure hands are washed prior to training and then again when you get home.

We are now able to take card payments, as well as keeping the option to pay via the PayPal link on our website. However we will still be taking cash payments if that is your preferred method of payment. When 6 lessons are paid for in advance the bonus lesson will still be available regardless of the payment method. Any payments you had previously paid for will still be available when we return as per normal.

When we are in the hall a maximum of 30 people will be allowed in at any one time. Given the size of the club this will, for the time being, mean that no parents / carers will be able to stay to watch the lessons. If you have any concerns about this please speak to Miss Beecroft or Mrs Weir.

As such we do need to ensure we have the correct contact details for each student. Please ensure you complete a new registration form to update any information that may have changed since you joined. This has been sent to all families but we will also have copies available to update when you sign in.

Your support and understanding is appreciated at this time and as we have any further updates we will of course let you know. We are fully confident that we can get our club back up and running without much change to the way we work.

To confirm, training from 30th July starts at 7pm at the green outside the Dojo.

All updates regarding weather will be on Facebook.