Elizabeth Beecroft

I am a mother of 2, and never in a million years thought about training in a martial art. However, in March 2012 my son asked me to come along and join in with his karate class.

Within a few weeks it was clear that I was going to enjoy karate and a short time later I was over the moon to be graded for the first time.

Over the years that have followed, I have moved up through my belts, and in April 2016 was awarded my Shodan black belt (1st level), followed by my Nidan in April 2018.

Karate has truly changed my life and been an outlet for me when life has been tough. It’s given me the confidence to believe in myself, and along the way I can truly say been blessed with some amazing friendships.

Victoria Weir

A mother of 3 and having previously trained in Shotokan Karate as a young girl, I had to stop training due to ill health. I decided to start training again with T.A.S.K in January 2014. I achieved my Shodan belt in April 2017 and after much hard work and determination my Nidan in April 2019.

I have trained in various other martial arts over the years, but Shotokan karate is where my heart is.

Setting up this club gives me the ability to pass on my knowledge and passion to future generations.